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Shaadi.com Matrimonial


NRIHomes.com is the biggest free income property listing site on the Internet today!  Our site is currently receiving thousands of unique visitors per month!  Our traffic has been doubling every 2 months & we anticipate that it will continue to grow at this rate. Our visitors are primarily real estate investors looking to either buy real estate or sell real estate. We also have thousands of loyal subscribers!

In addition to being highly ranked in all the major search engines, we are always aggressively marketing NRIHomes.com to ensure that our site continues to grow.

NRIHomes.com can offer your web site what no other site like ours can offer - FLEXIBLE & extremely targeted advertising.  We have 2 different advertising packages. You're moments away from advertising on one of the fastest growing real estate sites on the Internet today. With thousands of unique hits a week and tons of property listings, our site is a fantastic way to market your site, product, or idea. Here are some quick facts:
  • Easily login and check your stats - updated live.
  • View total number of impressions, clicks, and edit your options right from the web.
  • Moments after joining, you'll be transferred to a "sign up" page where you can quickly enter in account information and be on your way.
  • Very targeted traffic - real estate investing specific.
  • & Tons More!

Advertising Packages
If you have any questions, let us know.

Monthly Cost Ad Size Ad Location
Option #1 $175 468x60
Traditional Banner
Header Location
Top of Pages
Option #2 $150 468x60
Traditional Banner
Footer Location
Bottom of Page
Option #3 $125 125x125
Left Hand Ad
Option #4 $100 25 Limit of
Left Side
Text Ad
Option #5 $175 100 x 400
Skyscraper Banner
Right Side Ad

Need an Alternative?
Do you think you'd be more suited with a custom advertising package to fit your budget and specific needs? Please contact us and we will try out best to work out a mutually beneficial advertising campaign.

Did You Know?

- You can list now to take advantage of online selling! Look at just some of the benefits.

 Upload Pictures
 24/7 Exposure
Unique Ad Number
 Instant Posting
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& More!

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